Wimbledon Weekend

Skills Needed: Animation, Motion graphics Client: Wimbledon Studio: Craft (McCann)

Segment World War Weird

Skills Needed: After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop Client: Wag TV Description: World War Weird Documentary Genre: Art Direction, Motion design, Animation, Illustration Channel: Channel UKTV

Video mapping

Skills Needed: After Effects, 3D, Art direction Client: Nisan Channel: Exhibit at the O2 Studio: Lodestar

Circle society

Skills Needed: Animation Client: Animation Bootcamp Description: Exercise for the course Animation Bootcamp Genre: Personal projects

Santander Cycles

Skills Needed: Motion graphics, After Effects Client: Santander Studio: Big Buoy

Adidas Big Buoy

Skills Needed: After Effects Client: Adidas Description: Kinetic Typography Studio: Big Buoy


Skills Needed: Art direction, After Effects, compositing, cell animationClient: InstagramDescription: Online campaign for InstagramStudio: no.8 https://vimeo.com/398898143

Style Magazine

Skills Needed: After Effects, animation, illustrator, design Client: Pulse Creative (The Sunday Times) Description: Type animation Studio: Big Buoy

Never on Pause

Skills Needed: After Effects Client: Adidas Description: Type animation Studio: Super Impose